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RAH 2017: Plaisance - D'ennery

Zack MorgansComment
RAH 2017: Plaisance - D'ennery

Feb 19, 2017 - Today we ran 15 miles from Plaisance to D'ennery. This run had its fair share of beauty as we trekked 7 miles up a mountain with a 1,700' foot gain, and then back down the other side. The entire time I couldn't help but stare at the landscape that I was moving though. The dirt switchback roads weaving in and out alone the contour of the mountain as the seemingly endless hill kept creeping toward the clouds. God has really created a beautiful world on this island.

As I was run/walking up the mountain I got to spend so quality with with Bethany, a first time Run Across Haiti runner from Indiana. We talked about our lives, our faith, and what brought us here to Haiti. These are the moments that I cherish the most from running, the moments when you get to share an experience alongside someone doing the exact same thing. Wether we are celebrating or suffering, we are in it together. I also got to run with Brody (a Canadian on our support team) and Sam (a 2nd runner from Ohio).

As Brody and I were defending the mountain to the last check point, we were greeted by 5 excited little Haitian kids that ran the last 100 meters with us. Having that time running and laughing with those kids will stick with me forever. It really made me think about what a relationship can do by just being present with someone, and meeting them where they are. That is why I love what Team Tassy is doing here in Haiti, they are taking a personal interest in all of the families they support by helping them find jobs.

One more experience that has been truly amazing was the group of runners/support team members who gather each night after dinner to have a devotion and a prayer. God has been so openly present with this group of 10+ christians who wanted their faith to grow while on this run. I am so glad that I heard Gods calling to bring these people together and start this devotion time. It has been a great resource for support and friendship through other brothers and sisters in Christ. I have been greeted by people who have been attending, thanking me for getting this started because they needed it, and I am so humbled to be part of it. After learning how to run bible studies through my work at Lebanon Church, I have been encouraged to start them wherever possible.


View from the mountain


10k crew


Walking through town